Sometimes we get so comfortable with being broken, we accept it as our reality. The dysfunctions and unhealthy mindsets that lead us through cycles of abuse, infidelity and insecurity can become our safe place. I know what it’s like to build up walls so you don’t get hurt, to hate being alone because you can’t bear to face the pain. I’ve been there.

Despite what the pain may be telling you right now, despite what your dysfunctions are screaming, there is more out there and there is more to life than what you’ve experienced. Believing all men cheat won’t guard you against infidelity. Cynicism and avoiding commitment won’t ensure your heart is never broken, just that it’s never fully loved because the truth of who you are is hidden. It’s time to reveal your true self, to embrace and lend healthy perspective to your experiences and mistakes so they become stepping stones instead of blockages.

The only way to see change is to be CHALLENGED!

Join this six week journey of healing into wholeness inspired by the 100 days of singleness challenge. This condensed, group version will bring all the principles of the book to life with the added wisdom and benefit of group coaching.

Investment: $197.00

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What we will cover:

Module 1 – RESTORE (Learning to love yourself)

  • Exploring God’s love for us
  • Restoring value to our identity
  • Forgiving ourselves for past mistakes

Module 2 – REALIGN (Embracing truth without shame)

  • 2 major cycles of dysfunction
  • Breaking covenants with disappointment and shame
  • Learning to differentiate between facts of our past and the truth of our future

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Module 3 – REFOCUS (Bringing definition & strategy to singleness)

  • God’s intention for our single season
  • Understanding the quest for intimacy & creating healthy bonds
  • The role of friendship & family

Module 4 – REBUILD (Facing trust issues)

  • Restoring broken trust in God
  • Reclaiming hope after disappointment
  • Remembering the promises of God
  • Recognizing unhealthy patterns of behaviour

Module 5 – REFORM (Changing our mind)

  • Debunking & replacing unhealthy belief systems
  • Constructing powerful, declarations

Module 6 – RECLAIM ( Taking back the power over your future)

  • Practical tools for believing in yourself
  • Understanding the purpose and intent of marriage
  • Creating a Blueprint for the future you desire
  • Walking unashamed into God’s best for you

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